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Re-framing the conversation

There is a common discussion centered around humanity’s destructive relationship with the earth; it suggests we should reduce our environmental footprint for the good of the planet. [UN]cultivated seeks to re-frame this conversation. Through the integration of indigenous knowledge, scientific research, and technology, we have the knowledge, ability, and tools to be stewards of this planet and improve the environment. If we do this, humans grow from agents of destruction to stewards of restoration.

If we do this, we will no longer seek to reduce our environmental footprint because abundance will follow in our footsteps.

Yes! #WeClaimFoodSovereignty

Thanks for finding us in Pueblo, CO!~ the movement is growing slowly but surely and we will claim food sovereignty before this generations' children become adults!

A Global Conversation #aboutralf

Aloha world! Welcome to our community blog. While we want you out there talking to people in your community #aboutralf, we also want to give you space to directly engage and connect with the global community, talk about what you know, or discuss the challenges you face in your community.

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